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We have two licensed chiropractors on staff: Gary L Olaveson D.C. and George A. Hartle D.C. Our chiropractors are qualified in X-ray imaging and diagnostics. They are specialists in diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation from everything from aggravated muscles to serious car accident soft tissue injuries. Dr. Olaveson and Dr. Hartle both are certified in Advanced Activator Techniques.

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The Activator

At Advanced Health Chiropractic and Massage Center our chiropractors use an instrument called an activator to make spinal manipulations. The activator instrument uses a calibrated impulse of force to move a bone, such as vertebrae, faster than the muscles can react to the force. This allows the bone to move into the correct position without resistance of the muscles and tendons which work to maintain the bone in position. This also allows misaligned bones to be realigned with great precision and accuracy.

Advanced Health Chiropractic & Massage Therapy

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