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Our initial consultation includes a 250 point chiropractic examination to determine accurately and scientifically the cause of a patients distress. This includes a computerized range of motion test. If necessary, standing X-rays can be taken, developed, and interpreted on site within minutes in our Idaho Falls Chiropractic clinic.

How can we help you?

[chiro_care_two icon_heading=”Chiropractic” icon_text=”Our Idaho Falls Chiropractic services will help relieve pain in a safe non surgical manner. We use the latest in technology and instruments to adjust your spine and hips. Our licensed doctors have over 25 years of knowledge and experience collectively. We are also experts in Rehabilitation, Xray Imaging, and diagnosis.” icon=””]

[chiro_care_two icon_heading=”Massage Therapy” icon_text=”Our Massage Therapy services are a perfect complement to our Chiropractic Care. We have a large professional staff are dedicated to helping relieve your pain. Weather you need more circulation to certain areas of your body or just need to relax sore body parts our Massage Therapy is just what the doctor ordered.” icon=””]

[chiro_care_two icon_heading=”Aqua Massage or HydroMassage Therapy” icon_text=”Our Hydro Massage Therapy is unlike anything you have ever experienced. It is the perfect combination of technology and science. Our Hydro Beds give you a soothing and relaxing massage that is sure to relieve even your worst aches and pains.” icon=””]

[chiro_care_two icon_heading=”Get a Free Back Brace” icon_text=”Medicare will pay 100% of the cost if you qualify! This is nothing like the traditional braces that cinch your body to restrict movement. This discreet slim style brace is completely flexible, so muscles do not become weak and it fits easily under your clothing to allow an active lifestyle.” icon=””]

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