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Patient Reviews and Testimonials

Advanced Health and Physical Therapy Center uses a synergy of Chiropractic, Physical Therapy and Massage Therapy to speed healing and recovery from injuries and painful conditions. Over the years we have treated thousands of patients from Idaho Falls and all over Eastern Idaho. We work with our patients to resolve their health issues, and if we are unable to help; we refer them to other health professionals that can help.

Some patients write us unsolicited letters about our practice and how we have been able to help them. This page includes some of those reviews of our center, staff and the results they saw from their treatment. Here are some of those reviews.

Quotes from Patient Reviews

[quotes qoute_text=”…Since adding Physical Therapy to the situation, I have finally been able to say for the first time in 16 years that we are actually fixing the problem. This is the first time the staff has actually listened to my input, and acted on a decision made by both instead of doing the normal traction and electrical stimulation, which had negative effects. We have finally been able to work out a schedule and system that has targeted the areas in my neck and slowly work those areas, which in turn has taken most of my daily headaches and problems to a manageable level. As time goes on, I feel that as we continue we will be able to eliminate the problems and finally strengthen and build muscle needed to simply live normal again without constant pain.” quote_author=”Bart C.” quote_author_ext=”(Read the full review from neck pain, shoulder pain and headache patient)”]

[quotes qoute_text=”When I started my days were filled with stiffness and pain. I couldn’t walk very far of left much. I was always out of breath. I saw a major improvement after the first 2 weeks. Now, 7 months later, I am working in my garage and yard. I am able to ride my horses and well as feed them. I can lift, stretch, and move without getting so stiff and sore. I feel better that I ever have in 5 years. I have lost 11 lbs. and feel I can exercise to maintain my improvement. This has been great for me.” quote_author=”Markita C.”]

[quotes qoute_text=”Chiropractic care in combination with physical therapy and massage has definitely improved my mobility and decreased my pain. I am back to a normal range. With the home exercises provided I should be able to maintain this normal range. I made some progress going into my second evaluation. It was not until the middle of the second and third evaluation that the therapy seemed to make the biggest difference. Sticking to the treatment plan is what has caused the healing! (Be consistent) Thanks to all the staff!! I appreciate you! Good Job!” quote_author=”Laura M.”]

[quotes qoute_text=”When I first came in I was having problems with upper and lower back pain, as well as trouble with headaches and neck pain. Through my experience with Advanced Health and Physical Therapy I have improved dramatically. My experience here was excellent and staff treated me exceptionally well. I would highly recommend this treatment to anyone.” quote_author=”Gina B.”]

[quotes qoute_text=”…Just after going for adjustments and massage few times, I started feeling the difference in my back and legs. I was feeling wonderful!”]

[quotes qoute_text=”…Thanks to Everyone at the office that helped me in any way! I would recommend this place to anyone….. YOU ARE AWESOME!” quote_author=”Bonita H.” quote_author_ext=”(See our blog for this astounding back stiffness testimonial)”]

[quotes qoute_text=”I’ve suffered with neck and shoulder pain and stiffness for years. Through Chiropractic and Physical Therapy I have learned the correct posture for my head and shoulders. What a difference! I am now pain and stiffness FREE!” quote_author=”Carol F.”]

[quotes qoute_text=”…Their combination of CHRIOPRACTIC, MASSAGE, and ULTRASOUND has improved my quality of life to where I feel good enough to have fun again. I was in a car accident that set me back, but with PHYSICAL THERAPY added to their plan, my strength has returned and LIFE IS GOOD! The payment plan they set up for me is very easy and my insurance works well with them. Feeling good is so important whether its time for work or play. THANK YOU SO MUCH!” quote_author=”Carrie B.”]

[quotes qoute_text=”If you do not mind my misspelling words but, first of all I had head aches about every 2 weeks or once a month from reading. Now I do not have any headaches.

During my Physical Therapy there was some tenderness in my lower back. Now after adjustments and stretches I don’t notice any tenderness in my lower back.

After some 47 weeks of treatment my right side of the neck has less movement but have no headaches. I will need to continue with neck stretches” quote_author=”Larry S.”]

[quotes qoute_text=”I started my treatment at Advanced Health and Physical Therapy in September 2004. Through the tests and consultation I found my neck was out of alignment. I had been having these problems for a month and did not realize the extent of my injury. I noticed that because of the lack of motion in my neck my back was being affected. However, within three months of treatment I notice results. It helped me a great deal. Before I started coming here I has some apprehension about chiropractic care, but after my treatment I have stopped assuming the worst.” quote_author=”Louis S.”]

[quotes qoute_text=”What problem/s did you have when you first came into the clinic?

My back and legs hurt when I came here. I had surgery an my right toe, so I was out of shape as well.

How did Chiropractic/ Physical Therapy help you ?

My physical (muscle) tone is returning; my back and hips are better aligned; so much of (almost all) of the pain I came in with is gone.

What words of wisdom would you give to new patients?

Do the exercises- you will be surprised how quickly you begin to feel better.” quote_author=”Mark F.”]

[quotes qoute_text=”9-5

At the beginning, two years ago, I felt the really “saved my life”. It made it possible to go on. I was and am entirely convinced of the efficacy of chiropractic and continue to recommend friends to this office. Recently, my visits here though comforting, enjoyable, relieving, do not seem to be making as much a difference as previously. Perhaps my condition has worsened and needs more care. I don’t know. I have exercises I do at home which keep me going. Now I’m looking for more help.


The Physical Therapy has helped a lot. The new exercises have strengthened my back. I can use them for temporary relief as well. I think I walk better too.


The Physical Therapy has giving me new insight on exercises. Combining several new exercises with those I have been doing for years has given me a needed boost. I feel stronger and often use the new exercises for temporary relief instead of talking ibuprofen.” quote_author=”Earline R.”]

[quotes qoute_text=”I started my adventure with Advanced Health in an extreme amount of pain. I had been in pain almost constantly for many years. After just a few treatments my pain was reduced in half. As I progressed into the therapy my range of motion increased at a steady pace and I found my strength gaining consistently. As I got stronger the pain got less. Everyone in the office was extremely friendly and fun to work with. I thank them all for helping me reach this pain free time in my life.” quote_author=”Pat S.”]