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How chiropractic Care Can Reduce Stress and Make Life Better

on : October 25, 2017 comments : (0)

Five Chiropractic Care Stress-relieving Benefits

At Advanced Health Chiropractic in Idaho Falls,  we make it easier to overcome stress so that your life is better on a daily basis. You already know that chiropractic treatment can reduce the muscle or joint pain in your back, neck and hips, but undergoing treatment from a chiropractor can also reduce your daily mental stress. Here are the stress-relieving benefits from visiting a chiropractor.

Benefit 1: Controlling Your Body’s Response To Stress

Your body has a natural response to stress by releasing cortisol. This ancient physical response is what saved people from wild animals and other dangers, but today, humans experience stress at work or home instead. At a chiropractor’s office, you can have spinal adjustments that will release the tension in your body’s nerves so that your glands stop producing as much adrenaline. With less adrenaline production, you will feel calmer, leading to a reduction in stress.

Benefit 2: Sleeping Better At Night

If you are not sleeping through the night, then you will experience more stress. While you are sleeping, your body produces beneficial chemicals that will soothe your mind, leading to additional relaxation. With more sleep at night, you are able to cope with the stresses at work and home to avoid the health complications associated with anxiety. With chiropractic treatment, your body will relax at night so that you can sleep soundly in order to have less anxiety the next day.

Benefit 3: Preventing Lifelong Health Problems

With regular chiropractic care Idaho Falls treatments, you can prevent lifelong health problems such as cardiovascular disease, chronic headaches or arthritic conditions. Researchers know that stress can lead to health issues because your body is bombarded constantly by a high level of detrimental hormones. When you feel stress, your body tends to become tenser, leading to muscular aches and joint pain, but spinal adjustments will release this tension.

Benefit 4: Improving Your Posture and Body Movement

If you are feeling stress, you might slump in your chair at work or you may walk stiffly while at home. This is because stress makes your muscles contract, making it difficult to move and sit normally. A chiropractor can provide expert spinal adjustments to release the tension in your back so that you have better posture and body movement. By walking and sitting correctly, you will place less stress on your body’s internal organs and joints, improving the way that you feel each day.

Benefit 5: Creating a Clearer Mind

Daily stress affects your mind, and your problems at work or home can make it difficult to think clearly. Fortunately, treatments from a chiropractor can eliminate your stressful thoughts, leading to more mental clarity. Eliminating the anxiety from your mind also helps to reduce the detrimental stress-related problems from your body. To learn more about the stress-relieving benefits of regular chiropractic treatments, contact Advanced Health Chiropractic in Idaho Falls today at 208-497-5483.

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