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Why Good Posture Counts

on : April 16, 2017 comments : (0)

What is Good Posture?

Good posture seems like more of an etiquette technique than a health concern. If you look online and on social media, you’ll see photos of people hunched over at fashion shows, picnic tables and other places, leaned over their cell phones without paying any attention to their posture. But good posture has many benefits. Aside from portraying confidence and intelligence, good posture can have many health benefits. Here are a few good reasons to remind yourself to “sit up straight and don’t slouch”!

  1. Seriously, you look smarter….and more confident!

back pain idaho falls.Having good posture is like portraying a social status. Standing or sitting up straight and tall lets the world know that you are here and you are in control. There is no slouching or slumping to hide any portion of your body from the world. Often, good posture is intimidating to others because of the image you portray. Stand up straight and let the world know that you know how incredibly smart and confident you are.

  1. You look youthful.

Really. Standing or sitting tall and straight thins you out and gives you a youthful vibe. Before you check in for cosmetic surgery, try straightening out your posture and see how you feel. The reactions you get from others might surprise you.

  1. You’ll feel happier and ambitious.

Posture can definitely affect your mood, and vice-versa. Next time you feel down, try sitting up straight for a while. Put your shoulders back and straighten out your neck. Research suggests that slouching and slumping can lead to poor feelings and a bad attitude. So, stop slouching and enjoy your day.

  1. Breathe easy.

Your muscles and tendons are affected by slouching over. They become tighter and cause breathing to be more shallow and restricted. The more your body adjusts to being upright, the more your upper body will relax, allowing the lungs to inhale deeply with ease. The same thing happens with blood circulation and digestion. Acid reflux and constipation are often side effects of poor posture. Give your body the room it needs to let your organs work properly and the better you’ll feel.

  1. Do you experience joint or muscle pain?

If all your organs scrunch together due to slouching, what do you think happens to your bones and joints? Abnormal wearing happens and causes a lot of constant pain when you are out of alignment. By aligning your bones and joints and putting your body in the correct position, you can help decrease the risk of arthritis and other bone diseases. This goes for your spine, too. Keep your spine healthy by letting your spine sit how it is supposed to. Sit and stand straight and use a back support when needed. It won’t help just the spine but the nerves in your body as well.

These are only some of the benefits of having good posture. You can see that posture can affect your appearance, your mental health, and your physical health. If you want more information on body posture and good alignment, contact the chiropractors at Advanced. They’ll be more than happy to help.



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