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Are Back Braces the Answer?

on : January 2, 2016 comments : (0)

Back braces are recommended for a wide variety of purposes, including postural support, immobilization, injury protection, and symptom control. Let’s break that down a little so you can get a better understanding on how back braces are beneficial.

Postural Support

Idaho Falls ChiropractorMaintaining a normal postural alignment is necessary to maintain a healthy and pain free back. When your posture is abnormal is usually causes pain, weakness in your spine, injury or structural deformities. If you have poor posture your chiropractor might prescribe a back brace to help you maintain a normal curve and alignment in your spine. Back braces provide great external support that can correct abnormal posture.


When your spine suffers from fractures, surgical fusions, and other traumatic injuries, your chiropractor may require that you keep your back immobilizes for a period of time.  When your back is immobilized it limits the range of motion at the site of your injury in a controlled manner. This process allows your back to heal and decreases the possibility of causing further damage during day-to-day activities. Back braces come in numerous shapes, sizes, and materials that are designed to limit your motions.

Pain Control

Pain can be the most debilitating symptom of a back ailment. Certain movements and positions can cause stress on a damaged spine, increasing the amount of pain you feel. Back braces can help control pain by limiting noxious movements and allowing your back to heal. Back braces can also help reduce pain by compression the abdomen, which helps your intervertebral discs unload, vertebrae and other spinal column structures.


Some back ailments and deformities require invasive treatment, such as surgery to relief symptoms. However, conservative treatments are considered before trying invasive treatments. Your chiropractor may prescribe a back brace is a conservative treatment may help. Non-invasive treatment is one of the most favorable aspects of a back brace.

If you are suffering from back pain and are considering the use of a back brace contact the chiropractors at Advanced Health in Idaho Falls! Our experts can determine what type of back brace is right for you! Let our professionals get you back on track to a healthy and pain free life.

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