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Suffering From Back Pain At Work

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Idaho Falls ChiropractorAre you suffering from back pain at work? Some of the most common causes of back pain are strained ligaments or muscles, wear and tear, stress and, of course, bad posture. Most adults will suffer from back pain at some point in their lives. In most cases, the back pain isn’t serious. The pain typically lasts a few days or a few weeks. The pain usually resides after about six weeks.

Treating Back Pain

In most cases, the best treatment for back pain is to stay active and, if necessary, use mild painkillers or a doctor prescribed back brace. You may feel like limiting your movement and going to bed, but this won’t help and could potentially make the pain worse.

The longer your body is immobile, the weaker your back muscles become, and the more those muscles will suffer in the long term. Maintaining your mobility is one of the best ways to deal with the pain and help your back recover, making it easier to get your work done.

Your state of mind can also play a large part. Research has shown that individuals who remain positive tend to have a quicker recovery rate than those who get depressed.

When your back pain lasts more than six weeks, treatment typically involves a combination of medication, physical therapy, back braces, or chiropractic adjustments. It is always a good idea to schedule an appointment with your back pain doctor in Idaho Falls to determine the best method of treatment.

Back Pain at Work

When you sit for long periods of time in front of a computer or sitting at a desk you can, you increase the risk of back pain. No matter how good your positioning, it is important to get up and stretch your legs every so often. This can also help you reduce your risk of heart disease. Here at Advanced Health Chiropractic in Idaho Falls our back pain doctors recommend going for a short walk every hour for at least 2-3 minutes. If you can’t leave your desk, we recommend you stand up and do some stretching. Getting up and moving or stretching gives your back muscles a chance to relax while others take the strain. This can help prevent your muscles from becoming tense and stiff.

Factors that can affect your back:

  • Chair Height
  • Computer Screen Position
  • Desk Equipment Layout
  • Keyboard Position
  • Mouse Position
  • Seating Posture

If you have a desk job and use a computer, you can improve your posture by sitting up straight at the right height and arrange your desk properly.

Adjusting Your Work Chair

When you are sitting your thighs should be at right angles to your body or sloping down slightly. If your chair is at the proper height, your feet should be firmly on the floor, but if it’s more comfortable, use a footrest. The basic rule to remember is to plant your feet on the floor and support your back.

Lifting Safely

One of the biggest causes of back pain and injury, especially at work, is lifting or handling heavy objects incorrectly. Following the correct lifting and handling procedures can help prevent any back pain or injury.

The Keys to Safe Lifting:

  • Think before you lift.
  • Start at a good position.
  • Keep the object close to your waist.
  • Keep your back straight.
  • Avoid twisting your back.
  • Avoid leaning sideways.
  • Keep your head up.
  • Know and understand your limits.
  • Push heavy objects, don’t pull.
  • Distribute the weight evenly.

Most workplaces provide opportunities for employees to take a break from their computer screen and desks, such as getting a drink, going for some fresh air, photocopying, filing, or bathroom breaks.

If you are suffering from back pain contact the professional back pain doctors at Advanced Health Chiropractic in Idaho Falls.

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