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When to Visit a Chiropractor

on : May 16, 2015 comments : (0)

Chiropractor Idaho Falls When to visit a chiropractor is really now a trick question. Generally speaking, most people can benefit from visiting a chiropractor regularly. However, many people wrongly consider chiropractic care unnecessary, and pay no attention to the many aches and pains in their bodies. Pain medication is usually the first solution people seek. If you have been involved in a car accident, there is the possibility of suffering from whiplash. Whiplash in an injury that occurs to the neck due to the sudden and forceful back-and-forth movement, that occurs because of the impact of a car accident.

This sudden force stretches and tears the muscles and tendons in your neck. Sometimes, you may feel relatively fine after an accident even though you have suffered an injury that is not obvious or visible. This is why it is highly important that you visit a chiropractor as soon as possible after you have been involved in an auto accident so that a thorough assessment can be done.

Signs That It May Be Time to See a Chiropractor

However, if you still insist on visiting a chiropractor only after you are sure something is wrong and needs to be corrected, here are signs that you should look out for:

  • Blurred vision
  • Headaches
  • Dizziness
  • Shoulder pain
  • Neck stiffness
  • Reduced range of motion
  • Lower back pain
  • Neck pain

If you are experiencing any or several of the above symptoms, you should book an appointment with your chiropractor immediately. The discomfort and pain caused by any of the above can be unbearable, and the longer you wait before you get treated, the more damage you are causing to your body.

Spinal injuries must be addressed immediately. The spine is the most important bone in the human body, and damage to it could lead to immobility. A chiropractor will examine your spine and decide what can be done to alleviate the pain and remedy the situation, if you have been suffering from spinal aches and injuries. If a spinal adjustment needs to be done, the chiropractor will do it to ensure your spine is in optimal health.

Sometimes when an accident happens, it is easy to dismiss it as minor, especially when the visible damage on the car is minimal and the driver looks unharmed. But what you must remember is that sudden impact has the ability to stretch and tear the muscles in the body, leading to pain and discomfort, and maybe even long term mobility and health issues if left untreated. The best course of action is to seek chiropractic care immediately and regularly. Please call Advanced Health Chiropractic and Massage if you have questions or concerns.



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