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Do You Need a Back Brace?

on : December 17, 2015 comments : (0)

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Many people who suffer from lower back pain are suffering from disc herniations or degenerative disc disease and should consider the use of a back brace. The first thing you need to do before you consider wearing a back brace is to determine if the back pain you are experiences is in fact from a disc injury or degenerative disc disease. Disc injuries and degenerative disc disease may be the most common causes of lower back pain, but only your chiropractor or other licensed health care provider can determine the cause, don’t perform a self-diagnosis.

How Can a Back Brace Help You?

A back brace can help by providing that additional support your spine and muscles need. The back brace keeps your body in the proper posture and can help keep pressure off your spinal nerves and since this is the reason why you are experience pain, it can help ease that pain.

Back braces can also help you get through your daily activities without straining your back too much or causing yourself additional pain. Do you find yourself bending and lifting frequently? Wearing a back brace while you perform these tasks can lessen painful flare-ups and help you avoid injury. Keep in mind that you should practice good lifting techniques to ensure your safety.

How often should you wear a back brace?

How often you should wear a back brace depends on whether or not you are in pain or what activities you will be performing. The more pain you suffer from, the more frequently you will want to wear the brace. The only time you should wear a back brace for extended periods of time is if you are currently in pain. The pain you suffer from can be acute or chronic. Wearing a back brace can help you get through the day, even if you aren’t lifting.

If you are suffering from acute pain (sudden and strong pain), you should use the back brace “as needed,” once the pain subsides. If should be used when you plan on being active and using your back a lot. Using your back brace off and on will help keep you from getting tired of wearing the back brace. Once the pain is gone you should only wear the back brace when lifting or bending.

What are the Disadvantages?

Using a back brace excessively and incorrectly can cause a weakness in your spine. In order to avoid any draw backs from wearing a back brace consult your local chiropractor. When wearing a back brace you should always follow your chiropractor’s treatment plan.

Learn More!

Wearing a back brace can be essential in preventing pain for those with acute or chronic back pain. If you are interested in wearing a back brace contact the professional chiropractors at Advanced Health in Idaho Falls. Our expert staff has extensive knowledge when it comes to back pain and back braces.



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